How To Get Your Duolingo Streak Back (2023)

How To Get Your Duolingo Streak Back

How To Get Your Duolingo Streak Back (1)

October 22, 2022 // Marc

It can be frustrating to lose your Duolingo streak, especially if you’ve been working hard to maintain it. But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to get it back. First, try restarting the lesson you were on when you lost your streak. This will often give you the option to restart from the beginning, which will help you get your streak back. If that doesn’t work, you can always try contacting Duolingo customer support. They may be able to help you troubleshoot the issue and get your streak back. Finally, remember that your streak is not the most important thing. The important thing is that you’re learning a new language, and even if you lose your streak, you can still keep progressing in your studies.

It was discovered that Duolingo had lost a streak of 83 days, prompting it to ask you for money to repair it. It’s not just the money you lose, but it’s also the desire to learn something new. I decided to think about how to repair a streak without hacking Duolingo’s server, which I did. A few lessons can be completed offline with Duolingo. Your progress will be displayed once you are online. Is there a way to upload back-dated progress on Duolingo? As a result, I updated my daily goal settings to 10xp from 50xp and completed one lesson offline. After completing the lesson, I turned on the WiFi, and it uploaded my progress report, bringing my streak back to life.

It’s a fun and simple feature, but committing yourself to keeping one is one of the best ways to stay on top of your learning objectives. Duolingo learners who reach a streak of seven days or less are 3.6 times more likely to complete the course.

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Can You Restore Duolingo Streak?

Yes, you can! If you accidentally let your Duolingo streak expire, never fear! You can always restore it by watching a video or taking a lesson.

Duolingo’s streak will take time to build. We are suddenly pressed for time as we find ourselves in an unexpected situation. As a result, we frequently do not complete our daily goals during the day or during the weekend. If you have a 2 day streak with Duolingo Plus, how many days can you expect to have a 2 day streak if you have 2 days in the streak before it expires? It will not bring back your streak if you buy one before it expires. If you wait more than 48 hours after losing a streak, you will not be able to recover from it. To become a member, there are two ways to do so.

If you are willing to pay the membership fee, it is easy to join. If you want to invite a friend, click on your affiliate link. How can I find a link for a Duolingo affiliate program? Enter Free Plus by clicking the icon next to your profile picture. When your affiliate link appears, a new window will appear. Contact a friend on the day you need to return your streak to normal. They will be delighted if they learn that you have a free language platform.

Members of this exclusive club have access to exclusive benefits and are given points for achievements. You will receive a notification if someone beats your streak, and they will be able to acknowledge it on the app. You will notice that Duolingo keeps track of your streaks when you use the app. On the home screen and in the app, you can check your streak status, as well as see the number of days left in your streak. As an added bonus, people who want to keep their streak intact can use Duolingo’s workaround. If you miss a day due to a streak freeze purchase, Duolingo will not reset your streak. If you’re on the go and want to keep your streak from resetting, this is a great feature.

Duolingo: A Great Tool, But Missing A Day Can Be Costly

It’s a great tool for learning new languages, but if you miss a day of practice, you may have to give up your streak. You can extend your streak by preserving your progress the next week if you have little time to practice on a regular basis. The cost of repairing a streak if you miss a day of practice is $3. You can also purchase a streak freeze power-up from the Duolingo shop for ten Lingots, which will keep your progress for 24 hours after purchase.

What Happens When You Lose Your Streak On Duolingo?

How To Get Your Duolingo Streak Back (2)
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When you lose your streak on Duolingo, you are no longer able to continue practicing that language on the app. In order to start practicing again, you must first retake the placement test.

If you have a seven-day streak, you have done something for seven days in a row. When you miss a day and use one of these tools to keep your streak alive, it is no longer a streak. After you have logged in for 365 days, you will be automatically accepted into the club. On Duolingo, one user has the most XP, Pat159978, with 7,918,158, and another user has the most XP, Faeryeye, with 6,877,711. For each lesson the user completes, the streak increases by one. If the streak freeze is not purchased in advance, the streak will reset if the user does not complete a lesson. The most popular method for learning a language globally has been Duolingo.

We’ve enlisted the help of artificial intelligence to help you improve your conversation skills. In total, over 500 million people use the site, with around 40 million monthly active users from all over the world. The number of lessons you require per day will be determined by your preference. Some people can equip a streak freeze for two consecutive days. After that, you must either buy another streak freeze or gain XP. When compared to Rosetta Stone, the latter is a far more comprehensive and effective tool.

Learners must purchase a “streak freeze” in advance to ensure that their streak is not jeopardized. If you don’t get any lessons in the next few days, you’ll have a streak that lasts all of the way through.

Restore Your Duolingo Streak

Is it possible to permanently restore your lost streak on Duolingo?
If you buy a Streak Freeze, you will be able to keep your streak going. If you have lost your streak within the previous 48 hours, it will automatically repair it.

What Is The Longest Duolingo Daily Streak?

For Duolingo employees, the longest period of time that they have had continuous employment is more than 3,000 days. Learners have proven their ability to extend their streaks in some unexpected places, such as a club, music festivals, or even their wedding day.

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Duolingo has a streak of more than nine years that is the longest on the site. A student who completed his or her course in a row of seven days is 3.6 times more likely to complete the course in a row of seven days. If you’ve had a seven-day streak, you’ve had something done for seven days in a row. Duolingo does not necessitate spending time on the site each day. It is critical to devote sufficient time to learning something new. If you sign up for a lesson while you’re still at 10 XP, you won’t be able to progress past that point. If you want to optimize your learning, you should spend 15 to 30 minutes per day doing so.

Duolingo is the world’s most popular language learning app, with over 40 million downloads. A streak freeze must be purchased one day ahead of time to protect your streak from being damaged. A streak of over 100 days has been set. You will be able to find a mountain emoji in the context of that person’s name. If you want to learn Asian or European languages, the best alternative is Deer Lingo. It is far more comprehensive and effective than Rosetta Stone.

What Happens If You Lose Your Duolingo Streak

If you lose your duolingo streak, you will have to start from the beginning again.

Duolingo Streak Bot

There are many bots that can be used to help with a Duolingo streak, but they are not affiliated with Duolingo. A Duolingo streak bot is a bot that helps a user keep their Duolingo streak going by providing reminders and/or doing the lessons for them.

The Streak Society, on the other hand, is an extremely exclusive club at Duolingo. The service was initially only available to users who had a streak of 365 days or more. It took at least a year for you to become a member because you had to meet your daily XP goal. The Streak Society will give you an additional three Streak Freezes if you are a member, allowing you to maintain your status. VIP status will also entitle you to exclusive access to promotional material, allowing you to show off just how special you are to everyone. Is it worth it? Being in the streak society can be advantageous or detrimental.

With streak society, a cool feature that adds to the overall Duolingo experience, you can add your own to it. The end result isn’t necessarily the be all and end all. Members of the Streak Society are not permitted to take exclusive lessons or participate in exclusive features. It is a pleasure to be part of the streak society. Originally, the Streak Society was only available on IOS devices. Although it has since been integrated into Android, the desktop version appears to be missing. Non-iOS users are not being recognized as similarly, but this will be fixed in the future.

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How To Get Your Duolingo Streak Back? ›

A streak freeze must be purchased in advance of a day of missed activity to protect the streak. A streak repair can be purchased the day after inactivity to repair the streak.

What happens if you lose your streak in Duolingo? ›

So if you can only have as many as 2 streak freezes, then you won't be able to buy anymore if you already have 2 equipped. You can only lose a streak freeze by using it, meaning there's no expiry date!

How do you unfreeze a streak on Duolingo? ›

Duolingo Streak Society

However, these streak freezes are actually not re-purchasable once you use them, and cannot be earned in any way. The only to get the additional streak freezes back once you use them is to wait for 100 days, and then Duolingo will automatically renew your additional 3 streak freezes.

How long do Duolingo streaks last? ›

So if you log in to Duolingo and complete a lesson for 10 days in a row, you would have a 10-day streak. However, if on the 11th day, you don't log in and complete a lesson, then your streak will reset to 0 (unless you have a streak freeze active).

What is Duolingo monthly streak repair? ›

Monthly Streak Repair (same as Streak freeze but the usage is different) automatically applies if you lost your streak in the past 48 hours, instead of Streak freeze, you can keep your streak by buying it, see also: Shop/Streak freeze.

What does 365 day streak in Duolingo do? ›

You reach the first tier once you hit a 365-day streak. After that, it goes up every year, and this will be reflected on your weekly leaderboards and profile page. So if you keep the flame burning for 3 years, you'll have a little 3-year badge underneath your username.

What happens when you hit 365 day streak on Duolingo? ›

VIP status is unlocked at 365 days and puts a little streak counter underneath your username in the leaderboards. It goes up in years, so for each year you maintain your streak, your VIP status will update. So if you have a 6-year streak, it will say '6+ years'.

How to get super Duolingo for free? ›

How do I get Super Duolingo? If you're currently a free user of Duolingo, you can upgrade to Super Duolingo at any time in the app! You'll be able to try Super free for 2 weeks before your subscription starts.

Does Duolingo take your family? ›

A Family Plan is where the primary account holder/ family manager can share a Super Duolingo annual subscription and all of its amazing features with up to five (5) other Duolingo users, totaling six (6) members per Family Plan.

What happens when you get a one year streak on Duolingo? ›

Once you complete the streak of 365 days, you will get your first tier. You may also get some extra gems on becoming a VIP. Every year you will get a new tier. So if you have completed 4 years, you will get a 4-year badge under your name in Duolingo.

Who has the longest streak on Duolingo view? ›

Conversation. Congrats to John Arnold, who has the highest-ever Duolingo streak of over 2000 days! He's a horse farmer and chemist who's been studying for 5.5 years straight.

What's the longest Duolingo streak ever? ›

The longest streak on Duolingo is over 9 years long (3,285+ days) and was earned by user christi3.

What is the highest score on Duolingo? ›

Scores on the Duolingo English Test are reported on a scale from 10–160.

What is a good Duolingo streak? ›

The streak is a fun and simple feature, but committing yourself to keeping one is also one of the best ways to stay on track of your learning goals. It's no wonder that Duolingo learners who reach a streak of just 7 days are 3.6 times more likely to complete their course.

Is there a way to save your Duolingo streak? ›

By foregoing a few timer boosts or Streak Freezes before your trip, you can use those gems to freeze your streak during the trip when you might not otherwise be able to practice. Just remember to keep coming back to the app to refill your Streak Freezes after they're used! Save up your Streak Freezes.

Does Duolingo streak freeze offline? ›

Can I Maintain my Streak with Duolingo Offline? Yes, you can maintain your streak with Duolingo offline. It should update right away, even if you're offline. But if it doesn't, it will as soon as you get reconnected to wifi.

What happens when you finish all of Duolingo? ›

The guidebook can be accessed any time, even when you complete the unit. NOTE: Guidebooks are not available for all languages. Once you complete all the levels in a unit, you'll complete a challenge to earn your unit trophy. You'll also have the option to earn the Legendary trophy for each unit.

How long should I use Duolingo per day? ›

To optimize your learning, aim to spend between 15 and 30 minutes on the app each day. If you're struggling to commit a decent amount of time to your learning, try breaking the time up throughout your day. You could spend five minutes practicing in the morning, another five at lunchtime, and five more in the evening.

Is Super Duolingo worth it? ›

All things considered, if you're an enthusiastic, devoted language learner like me, Super Duolingo is well worth the price. If you don't mind watching ads and aren't obsessed with your streak, however, continuing to use the free version is probably just fine.

What does the blue streak mean on Duolingo? ›

what does the blue flame mean in my streak? Duolingo. @duolingo. Hi there! It means a streak freeze was used that day.

How much Duolingo can you do in a day? ›

You get 10 XP per lesson, but you can choose how many lessons you want per day. Casual is one lesson per day, Regular is two, Serious is three, and Insane is five lessons in a day.

How to get unlimited lives in Duolingo without paying? ›

To turn on Unlimited Hearts, follow these easy steps:
  1. Make sure you have the latest Duolingo app version.
  2. Open your Duolingo app and tap on the Super Duo icon (top).
  3. Tap the Unlimited Hearts to turn on.
  4. Now you should be able to make mistakes without losing any hearts.

Is legendary level free in Duolingo? ›

If you're a free member, the legendary level challenge will cost you 100 gems. If you're a Super member, however, you'll get to tackle legendary for free.

Can you become fluent with Duolingo free? ›

We see this question a lot and the answer is: yes. Duolingo is a free language-learning platform, and every language and lesson is totally free!

What gender is the Duolingo owl? ›

Duo is a boy. It's okay to refer to him as "he" or "him." Duo mostly stands still. Duo opens up and slightly flaps his wings (if only to get someone's attention).

Is there an age limit to Duolingo? ›

Age criteria:

Duolingo English test has no age limit. It is open to everyone that needs an English language proficiency test. However, applicants aged below 13 years require parental consent. The legal guardian or parents need to provide their consent via an online form during registration.

How much is Duolingo max? ›

A Max subscription costs $30 a month (or $168 annually) and includes all the benefits of Super Duolingo (unlimited hearts, no ads, personalized review), plus access to lengthy explanations of right or wrong answers, and real-world conversations with in-app characters.

Does Duolingo have math? ›

Duolingo Math is an iOS application made by Duolingo (best known for their language-learning application) to help users improve their knowledge of math. (It is not yet available for Android devices.) The app teaches users by gamifying math, creating challenges and levels for users to work through and earn stars.

How much does Duolingo Super cost? ›

The Super plan costs $84 per year, or $7 per month.

And just to be clear, for upgrading to the Super plan, Duolingo removes those annoying ads, includes unlimited hearts, unlimited test out attempts, and adds personalized lessons to review your mistakes, among other things.

Who is the most famous Duolingo users? ›

The user with the most XP on Duolingo is Gue8000 with 11,895,374 XP and the user with the second most XP on Duolingo is davidbohardt with 10,170,803 XP. There is some debate as to who is the user with the most amount of XP on Duolingo.

What is the longest tree in Duolingo? ›

The norwegian tree 4.0 is the longest, but is in beta. Because the language is so easy (especially for English speakers), the Norwegian tree gets to go into all sorts of topic areas for vocabulary. It's easy to throw together topical vocabulary lessons when you don't have to stop and explain grammar and syntax.

What is top 3 finish in Duolingo? ›

What happens to the top 3? Congrats! You are promoted to the next league. There is no league higher than Diamond.

Has anyone ever finished every Duolingo course? ›

That said, no course is ever complete (just look at all the changes Duolingo have made to the French and Spanish courses over the years!)

Has anyone ever finished Duolingo? ›

Duolingo gives you a placement test at the beginning of any new course so that you don't have to waste time with things you already know. I immediately “tested out” of 70% of the lessons and was able to take the final test for the Duolingo Award as they call it and completed it.

What is the lowest score on Duolingo? ›

The minimum score is 10 and the others are 15, 20-25, 30-40, 40-50, 55-60, 65-70, 75-80, 85-90, 95-100, 105-110 and 115-120. The highest band corresponds to IELTS 7.0. The highest possible scores in Duolingo are also 125-130, 135-140, 145-150 and 155-160.

Can I get Duolingo results in 24 hours? ›

Duolingo English Test Score is reported on a scale of 10 - 160. Test-takers get their Duolingo English Test results within 48 hours or 2 days of completing the test and can share them with anyone immediately.

What is a common Duolingo score? ›

A good Duolingo score will be 110 and above. If you score above 120, it is considered excellent.

How long does it take to become fluent on Duolingo? ›

Putting in ten hours of study and practice per day, this equates to two months for “easy” languages and four months for “difficult” languages. How do you get started? Web sites such as DuoLingo can teach you 27 languages for free.

Can Duolingo get you to B2? ›

At Duolingo, we use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to set goals for different proficiency levels when we design our courses. The levels are labeled A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2, and they cover increasingly complex language needs.

Where has my Duolingo streak gone? ›

Duolingo tracks every day in which a learner has practiced a lesson. When a learner misses a day, it creates a gap in the contiguous days practiced. This corresponds to when a learner loses their streak. Skipping day four breaks the learner's streak.

Why has my Duolingo changed? ›

Why are courses updated? There is no such thing as a “finished” language course. So at Duolingo, we're always working to make our courses better! If you've gotten an update, it's because we're excited to share the latest changes to the existing course.

Where is the Duolingo shop 2023? ›

The Duolingo Shop is one of the few places on Duolingo that you can spend your hard-earned gems. You can access the Shop from the app by tapping the little shop icon in the bottom right corner, and from desktop by selecting the shop tab at the top of the screen.

What's the longest streak on Duolingo? ›

The longest streak on Duolingo is over 9 years long (3,285+ days) and was earned by user christi3. However, multiple users have accomplished this feat of a world record Duolingo Streak and have made it onto a Streak Hall of Fame.

What happens when you miss Duolingo? ›

Get a streak freeze to make sure you don't lose your streak when you forget to practice for a day. A streak freeze must be purchased in advance of a day of a missed lesson to protect the streak. You can equip up to 2 streak freezes at a time. You can purchase a streak freeze via the app and web shop.

What happens after Duolingo diamond? ›

Congrats! You are promoted to the next league. There is no league higher than Diamond. If you reach the top 3 of Diamond, you will remain in that league.

How many people actually finish Duolingo? ›

Duolingo doesn't release completion rates for its courses, but a report last year said American users ranked 68th out of all countries in the number of lessons completed. A separate informal study put the overall completion rate for Spanish at less than 0.01 percent.

What happens when you reach 100 days on Duolingo? ›

Reaching certain milestones (such as 100 day streak) can earn the user 3 days free of Super Duolingo.

Is it OK to skip levels in Duolingo? ›

If you have previous experience with a language and feel that lessons are too easy, you can scroll to the next locked unit and tap the circle that says “Jump here?”. If you pass the test, you'll unlock that unit!

Will I lose my progress if I delete Duolingo? ›

Cancelling your subscription, logging out or uninstalling and reinstalling your app will not erase any of your progress nor deactivate your Pro membership.

What level of Duolingo is fluent? ›

At Duolingo, we're developing our courses to get you to a level called B2, at which you can get a job in the language you're studying. Reaching that kind of proficiency requires dedication, varied practice opportunities, and a lot of time.

Are you fluent at the end of Duolingo? ›

Are you fluent when you finish Duolingo? NO. You will find that once you finish DuoLingo, you will know a lot about the language, but will not be able to really speak or understand the language all that much.

How do people get such high scores in Duolingo? ›

Reviewing at the “Hard Practice” level results in 20XP – two times more XP than a new lesson. Reviewing previous lessons [selecting “Hard Practice”] is key to both learning a new language on Duolingo – and to earn XP fast on the platform.

Who has the most XP on Duolingo? ›

The user with the most XP on Duolingo is Gue8000 with 11,895,374 XP and the user with the second most XP on Duolingo is davidbohardt with 10,170,803 XP. There is some debate as to who is the user with the most amount of XP on Duolingo.

What time do Duolingo leagues end? ›

Duolingo League End Time

When do Duolingo Leagues end? Duolingo Leagues' end time is at midnight (12 am) Monday UTC time. Each week when the league ends, you then start in a new league with different users. RELATED: How Many Crowns Are There in the Duolingo French Tree?


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